Wallpaper Removal & Wall Reinstallation

Wallpaper Removal & Wall Reinstallation Services in Rapid City, SD

Wallpaper removal and reinstallation is a service that many people don’t think about until they’re ready to sell their homes. We at Rapid City Drywall Contractor know that the results of this process can make or break the sale of your house, so we take it very seriously. Wallpaper removal and wallpaper installation processes can be messy and time-consuming, but with our help, you will have a clean, smooth surface in no time!

We also provide drywall repair, texturing, painting, ceiling repairs & mudding, insulation services (spray foam), window/door replacement (storm windows), kitchen remodeling projects – including cabinetry building, flooring construction/installation of tile or wood floors.

Why Should You Remove Old Wallpaper?

Improve Air Quality: Removing wallpaper is a great way to improve the indoor air quality of your home. All that dust and residue from wallpaper paste can be dangerous for you and your family if it’s left untouched.

Add Value: Your house will have an increased value when potential buyers are looking at houses with beautiful, clean surfaces! You don’t want them taking one look at ugly wallpaper or paint stains then running off into the night. It might even scare away some survivors should zombies attack during open-house hours.

Touching Up: Sometimes, you might not even need to remove the wallpaper before reapplying a new layer. If there are only certain sections of wallpaper that have become stained or torn, our wallpaper installation services experts can touch up those areas and save you money! We will also be sure to match your paint colors so things look as seamless as possible when we’re done with your walls.

Hide Mold and Mildew: If your wallpaper is covered in mold and mildew, doing wallpaper removal can help get rid of this dangerous substance. You don’t want to risk the health and well-being of you or your family members by leaving moldy wallpapers up; we highly recommend calling our wallpaper removal services today for a free estimate!

Hang New Wallpaper: If there’s no more room on your walls (literally) then you might need some new wallpaper. Our drywall professionals at Rapid City Drywall Contractor can remove old existing wallpaper and install brand new pieces with ease. We will make sure that they are hung correctly so all lines match up – even if we have to cut them down to size first! That way, when our work is done, you will have beautiful, new wallpaper that you can be proud to show off.

Room Looks Outdated: If you have an outdated wallpaper, our wallpaper installation professionals can remove it and help give your room a fresh new look. Sometimes, people get so used to seeing the same stick wallpaper pattern on their walls day after day that they don’t even notice when things are looking old. If this is the case in your home, we will be happy to help with installing wallpaper! You’ll be able to transform any dull or lackluster space into something wonderful with ease.

How Long Does It Take To Remove Wallpaper?

On average, wallpaper removal should take around four hours – but sometimes less time depending on how much work needs to be done! Keep in mind that there may also need some extra prep work before work begins as well; if there are any holes or tears in the wallpaper, we will need to patch these up before getting started.

Once our experts are done removing your old wallpapers and prepping for new ones, they can get right down to installing beautiful patterns on your walls. We offer many different styles of wallpapers – from tropical beach scenes to geometric abstracts! You’ll be amazed at how much you love waking up every day after watching a favorite movie scene over and over again during reinstallation time.

How Do I Get Rid of Wallpaper?

Removing your old wallpaper is a process we’ve mastered at Rapid City Drywall Contractor. We begin by scraping the surface with either cold or hot water and a putty knife – depending on what adhesive our experts encounter. If there’s any crumbling paper then we’ll wet it down first so it comes right up! This part of the job takes some elbow grease but if done correctly, you won’t even need to fresh coat over those walls because they will look as good as new (just make sure not to use too much water). Next, we power-wash the entire wall again and inspect for spots where more scraping might need to be done.

After our wallpaper installation experts are finished removing your old wallpapers, they will patch up any holes or tears that were left behind by the previous owners – no matter how big or small! From there, we can finally get started with reinstalling new wallpaper on your walls. We take every job seriously and promise to do things right for you so that you end up more than satisfied with our results every time!

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home? Let Us Make It Shine Like New Again!

Contact Rapid City Drywall Contractor today for a free estimate on professional wallpaper removal and reinstallation. We work hard to ensure 100% great customer service satisfaction from start to finish – not only because we want you to love the perfect design of your property again but also because we want you to sing our praises online! You’ll be glad you didn’t try doing this all by yourself – especially when it comes time for that open house.