Drywall Finishing

Drywall Finishing Services in Rapid City, SD

In the construction industry, there are often opportunities to do work that is not as glamorous as some other aspects. One of those tasks is drywall finishing. Drywall finishing entails numerous steps and a skilled hand to produce an attractive finished product.

At Rapid City Drywall Contractor, we have many tricks up our sleeves when it comes to helping homeowners transform their homes with a fresh coat of paint or drywall. It can be overwhelming for homeowners who don’t know where to start, but as professional drywall finishing services, we can help you get on track from start-to-finish!

Types of Finishes

Orange Peel Finish

Orange peel is one of the most commonly requested finishes on drywall. It can be applied by hand or with a machine that shoots an air gun at it to help distribute the mud evenly before sanding and finishing. This gives it its signature texture, which you have likely seen if you have been inside someone’s home who did their renovations! There are different types of orange peels available depending on how large or small your desired finish looks in terms of detail work. Our professional drywall contractors will do some samples for our clients so they know what they’re going to get when we complete this part of construction on their new homes. 

Texture Finish

This type of hanging drywall finishing process involves using a sponge-like material called “fortifier” over the drywall tape. This gives it a bumpy texture that is sometimes desired for bathrooms and other areas where moisture could be an issue. It can also make the rooms feel slightly more spacious due to their larger surface area, which makes them easier to clean as well! This type of drywall finishing technique doesn’t require any sanding but does typically need two coats before painting or papering begins because you want all those bumps filled in so there are no imperfections left behind once everything has been painted over.

Faux Finish

This process involves using different types of paints with different colors giving your room a unique look depending on what finish you’re trying to achieve. There’s actually a pretty extensive artistry process behind this style of drywall finishing, which is why it’s typically only recommended for people who are great at painting or have an artistic eye. Sometimes, if you’re trying to create the look of expensive marble on your walls, there will be faux veins painted in so that it looks like real marble!

Mud Swirls

This is similar to orange peel, but it involves using different colors of mud with the same texture. The only difference lies in how you apply these coats and what type of tools are used. Mud swirls will typically be more detailed than orange peel because no machine can shoot out an even coat as this one does! You’ll want someone who has experience applying drywall finishing coats for something like this or drywall mudding your walls could look very uneven when finished due to too many air bubbles being caught beneath the surface.

Reasons for Finishing Drywall

Drywall finishing is a very important step in the construction process because it ensures that your drywall panels will be clean and smooth surface before painting. The smoother this surface, the more even your paint job can look after you’ve applied coats over top of it! This also protects against moisture drywall damage from water or humidity which could affect any finishes you have on furniture as well if they happen to get wet frequently.

In addition to these reasons for drywall finishing, there are many other benefits associated with hiring our drywall contractors. Being able to do work yourself isn’t always better than knowing when you need help, especially since we’re conveniently located right here in downtown Rapid City! Our drywall repair services would love nothing more than to show homeowners what we’re capable of when it comes to drywall finishing and the other services our company provides.

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